Infor F9 Report Writer for Sage 100

Infor F9 is a Financial Reporting application which dynamically links Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 General Ledger (GL) data to Microsoft Excel. By employing a combination of simple cell formulas in Excel, F9 allows Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 GL data to be formatted into any desired financial report in the flexible and powerful environment of the spreadsheet. The F9 Report Wizard allows you to go from a blank spreadsheet to a fully formatted, hot-linked report in just seconds! Follow a graphical representation and step by step procedure; point and click your way to a finished report complete with F9’s formulas, automatically.

F9 offers an unbeatable feature package including, drill down, multiple date ranges, lists of account segments, and report auditing. It also does all of this while being dynamically Hot linked to the General Ledger (GL), ensuring that all numbers are timely, consistent and complete.


  • Graphical Presentation of Data- The presentation of your financial information can be enhanced by taking advantage of the graphics, text and add-in capabilities of your spreadsheet.
  • Any Time Slice- You can create financial reports that span any period, even a one-week or one-day Profit and Loss (P&L), if desired.
  • Data Preload- By loading all or part of your chart of accounts into memory, you can speed recalculation times dramatically.
  • Multi-Company Capabilities- Access general ledger data from any number of companies simultaneously. Simplify consolidation across departments, divisions or companies.
  • Drill Down – Find the origin of any number in your spreadsheet — drill down all the way to the individual transaction itself. For example, a total revenue figure can be sliced into revenue by department, by product or by location, and that information can be pasted into your spreadsheet to augment your report.
  • Analyze – Report out of balance? With the click of a button, F9’s ‘Analyze’ feature scans the entire spreadsheet, helping you troubleshoot your report by identifying missing or duplicate accounts.
  • Multiple Fiscal Years- You can access data from all Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200 fiscal years using F9.
  • Report Wizard- You are guided through report creation step by step; in seconds, you can create a complete financial report with all F9 functions, formulas and cell references intact.
  • Flexible Cell Reference- Suppose you have created a departmental report with one cell containing the department code (e.g.,”100″). Change “100” to “100,200” and you have a two-department consolidated report. Change “100” to “*” and you have an all-departments report.
  • Create/Edit/Write Budgets- “Read Budget” and “Write Budget” buttons provide a mechanism for passing budgets back and forth between your general ledger and spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are an optimal environment for creating and editing budgets, and F9 makes it easy.
  • Executive Information Systems (EIS) Functionality- With F9, you can drive F9 functionality from within a macro or Visual Basic program. Create dialog boxes, menus and buttons, and use them to explore your accounting numbers, just as an executive information system would.
  • GL Function Wizard- The GL Function Wizard enhances productivity and the creation of reports. The formula inserts the appropriate number of cells in the spreadsheet to build an F9 report. The GL formula contains the cell references required to complete the report.
  • Financial Entities- Financial Entities extends the utility of F9’s formulas. GL account numbers may be specified, using either the segment value or its description, as they appear in the chart of accounts. You can also define your own F9 Financial Entities.
  • WGL Formulas-WGL Formulas allow writing budget information back to the F9 Datamart’s general ledger. A single cell of information can be written back to the budget files. While Budget Write Back is for batch updates, WGL allows accounts to be updated individually.
  • Account Enquiry- Just launch F9, select the account(s) you want a balance from, and click Get Balance. With Account Enquiry, you can obtain account balances from your general ledger without using your spread sheet. Makes quick queries fast and easy.