Managed Services

While you take care of your business, we’ll take care of your IT infrastructure.

Schultheis & Panettieri, LLP offers a full spectrum of Managed Services to help relieve you and your staff of the burden of day-to-day management of IT operations and infrastructure.

We will meet with you to discuss your business and your goals, and make recommendations on how to improve your IT platform. Your IT infrastructure is the core of the management of your business. Your company deserves the best IT services available to ensure it functions at its maximum efficiency. Using our outsourced Managed Services approach is more cost effective than building and maintaining your own internal IT staff. Our Managed Services solution gives you access to our entire team of certified Information Technology professionals.

Why should you outsource your IT Managed Services?

  1. Reduce staff downtime: Automatic monitoring of your systems will ensure timely maintenance and early detection of any potential issues. We perform scheduled maintenance on your network to make sure your backups are working, your virus protection is up-to-date, and your computers are updated with the latest security patches. We check critical firewall settings and look for unusual activity in your system logs.
  2.  Get proactive support, not reactive solutions: We constantly monitor and intercept issues before they arise and impact your business. Industry statistics show that end-users experience an average of 88% longer periods of downtime when the network server or device that fails is not covered by remote monitoring. Remote monitoring and management services have the greatest impact on reducing IT downtime and its impact on users.
  3. Security to safeguard your system, your data, and your business: Protect your data and computer assets. Provide assurance that your customers’ information is secure. Reduce your risk of liability. With our focused attention on your computer system, your business has never been in better hands.
  4.  Predictable IT cost: With a consistent, comprehensive monthly rate you can obtain predictability in your IT costs. We know controlling costs will always be a priority. The long-term costs of Managed Services are always much cheaper than any shorter-term alternatives.